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+5.00 Blue Light Reading Glasses

Protect your eyes with our functional and fashionable +5.00 blue light readers. Choose from a wide range of frames and colours for men and women. All with a six month guarantee.

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More about our +5.00 blue light reading glasses...

Blue light explained: Light is made up of particles that travel as waves of energy. These particles range in both length and strength depending on where they fall in the spectrum; they are measured in nanometres (nm). Some are visible to the human eye, such as the colours red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. Others are invisible, such as infrared and ultraviolet. Blue light in the range of 400-450nm is a very short and strong wavelength. This type of light can cause eye damage, like macular degeneration due to its ability to penetrate the retina in the eye. Blue and green light ranging from 450-550nm also has a direct effect on the brain's ability to produce melatonin, a hormone very important for sleep and overall health and wellbeing.

Blue light and sleep patterns

Melatonin, known as the sleep hormone, is produced by the pineal gland in the brain, it is responsible for regulating sleep. At dusk, the brain secretes melatonin, which in turn causes sleepiness and eventually sends us into a deep sleep. Exposure to blue light at night suppresses melatonin due to the false signals it sends to your brain; so the brain thinks it is the middle of the day regardless of the actual time. Your brain then responds by making you feel more awake and alert. Everyday we are exposed to blue light, without even realising it. The sun emits blue light naturally which is extremely damaging and is the reason why you should always wear sunglasses. However, every time we look at our smartphone or tablet or turn on the laptop, we send a signal to the brain that the sun is up. This continual exposure to blue light, even if it is only low blue light, particularly at night is suppressing melatonin and robbing you of precious sleep.

How to block blue light

Wear blue light blocking glasses at night. These have been researched, designed and manufactured to remove at least 30% of the blue light spectrum from screens, LED lighting and all artificial light sources. This will allow maximum release of melatonin, ensuring that you get quality restful sleep and give your body time to restore, recover and heal. Use daytime computer spectacles to protect your eyes. These are designed for people who look at screens for extended periods during the day. They feature a specially coated lens, designed to filter out the harmful artificial blue light emitted by digital devices. They help prevent digital eye-strain, sore and tired eyes, headaches/migraines, and blurred vision from screen time and bright LED or fluorescent lighting in the workplace. At Tiger Specs we have an exciting range of blue light reading glasses featuring these specially coated lenses. Choose from modern or classic designs, unisex frames or popping colours. All glasses are CE certified and have a six-month guarantee. Every pair is quality checked and supplied with a matching case.

Why choose Tiger Specs for your next pair of blue light blocking glasses?

Suitable for use with all types of digital devices, at Tiger Specs we work hard to offer the very best selection of high quality blue light glasses and often update our range with new designs. We stock a wide selection of options for both men and women including retro, classic and rimless styles in a distinctive variety of colours and patterns and with reading strengths available all the way from from clear lens (+0.00) up to and including +5.00. All pairs are CE certified, come supplied with a matching soft pouch and are backed by our 28 day returns policy. Orders placed before 3PM on working days are dispatched the same day and why not take advantage of our sensational ongoing offer: on all our glasses buy any 2 & get £5 off!