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+3.00 Blue Light Reading Glasses

Fashionable blue light reading glasses, available in +3.00 strength. Here you will find a great choice of readers with protective filter lenses suitable for all types of digital, work or gaming screens. Select from classic or modern styles, all guaranteed for six months.

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More about our +3.00 blue light reading glasses...

Why you should try blue light glasses? People spend more time than ever in front of a digital device, whether it is their smartphones, tablets, or a computer screen. Adults reportedly spend more than six hours a day and teenagers look at a screen for a minimum of seven hours a day. These are surprising statistics. In addition to musculoskeletal and physiological issues that can result from spending that much time scrolling through social media, reading news, or watching TV shows, screen time and blue light can impact your eye health. If you have a job that also entails close-up work or studying a screen all day then your eyes are certainly going to need some help. Visible light comes in a spectrum of wavelengths. Each wavelength comes with its own energy level, and blue light actually has the highest energy of any wavelength. Because of that, it has the potential to impact your eyes more than other types of visible light. All digital screens-computers, smartphones, televisions and tablets emit lots of blue light. Other common sources of blue light include the sun, fluorescent lighting and LED lighting. So, what damage are we doing to our vision? Some of the effects of this are: discomfort or strain in the eyes, headaches, blurry vision, double vision, dry eyes, eye fatigue and eye redness. Your cornea and eye lens are good at blocking out harmful UV light from reaching the retina. However, they can't block blue light. Damage to the retina can increase your risk of developing macular degeneration, which is a leading cause of blindness. So, it makes sense to use blue light blockers for reading. At Tiger Specs our blue light readers are constructed using special lenses designed to filter out blue light but let other types of light through. The idea is to protect your eyes from the high-energy blue wavelengths, reducing the potential for eye damage from prolonged exposure. These glasses are available in reading strengths from clear/no correction (+0.00) to +5.00. Each pair is guaranteed for six-months and is supplied with a matching case.

Fashion and affordability

Our family-run business is tried and trusted, we have been supplying quality specs now for more than ten years and have a solid reputation. Our online catalogue contains more than 200 pairs of fabulous glasses for you to browse through. Styles to suit everyone; classic or contemporary and at great, affordable prices. There are frames to wow from the unique specs from exclusive brand Winks to our popular in-house Jelli Digitals. We guarantee each pair for six-months and also offer a standard 28 day returns policy. Each pair is quality checked before dispatch. If you place your order with us before 3PM on any working day (Monday - Friday) we will send out the same day via First Class Royal Mail (UK only).

Why choose Tiger Specs for your next pair of blue light blocking glasses?

Suitable for use with all types of digital devices, at Tiger Specs we work hard to offer the very best selection of high quality blue light glasses and often update our range with new designs. We stock a wide selection of options for both men and women including retro, classic and rimless styles in a distinctive variety of colours and patterns and with reading strengths available all the way from from clear lens (+0.00) up to and including +5.00. All pairs are CE certified, come supplied with a matching soft pouch and are backed by our 28 day returns policy. Orders placed before 3PM on working days are dispatched the same day and why not take advantage of our sensational ongoing offer: on all our glasses buy any 2 & get £5 off!