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+2.50 Blue Light Reading Glasses

Welcoming you to our fashionable range of blue light reading glasses available in +2.50 strength. Fabulous unisex frames to suit everyone. If you need specialist specs for computer work, gaming or indeed any digital screens then these are a great choice. Supplied with a matching case and six-month guarantee.

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More about our +2.50 blue light reading glasses...

What is blue light? Blue light is all around us. It is in the rays of the sun and is also emitted from fluorescent and LED lights and the screens of electronic digital devices. The sun contains all colours of light, including red, orange, green, and blue. Each of these colours emits different energy levels. Red light, for example, has longer wavelengths and less energy. Blue light, on the other end of the spectrum, has shorter wavelengths and more energy. While you get most of your exposure to blue light from the sun when outside, people are now getting more exposure than ever when they are inside, from their screens. This excessive exposure to blue light has some eye health professionals worried. Because more and more of our work and social life revolves around looking at a screen for multiple hours every day we need to combat the effects of too much blue light exposure. We must consider wearing blue light protection for our eyes. You can of course avoid many of these issues related to blue light by stepping away from your computer, reading a book instead of watching TV, and limiting the use of your tablet and phone. If you are not prepared to take these measures, blue light glasses can help you. Tiger Specs offer an extensive range of stylish blue light blockers suitable for use with all types of screens; for work or play. Whether you want a comfy pair of everyday readers or a smart designer brand we have plenty to choose from. Each pair of blue light readers is constructed using special lenses designed to filter out blue light but let other types of light through; there is also a special coating applied. The idea is to protect your eyes from the high-energy blue wavelengths, reducing the potential for eye damage from prolonged exposure. These special specs are available with reading strengths from plano (+0.00) to +5.00. Each pair of +2.50 blue light readers comes with a soft case too.

The Tiger Specs range

We work hard to select and renew stock that fully meets the needs of our customers, we focus on bringing you CE certified, well-constructed reading glasses in a full range of strengths including the quarter powers. Your vision is important to us, so to make sure you have the correct reading strength to suit your eyes we have provided a downloadable eye chart and some prescription conversion tools to assist you. We guarantee each pair of spectacles for six-months and also give a 28 day return policy. Each pair is quality control checked before despatch. If you place your order with us before 3PM on any working day (Monday - Friday) we will send the same day via First Class Royal Mail (UK only). We aim for 100% customer satisfaction!

Why choose Tiger Specs for your next pair of blue light blocking glasses?

Suitable for use with all types of digital devices, at Tiger Specs we work hard to offer the very best selection of high quality blue light glasses and often update our range with new designs. We stock a wide selection of options for both men and women including retro, classic and rimless styles in a distinctive variety of colours and patterns and with reading strengths available all the way from from clear lens (+0.00) up to and including +5.00. All pairs are CE certified, come supplied with a matching soft pouch and are backed by our 28 day returns policy. Orders placed before 3PM on working days are dispatched the same day and why not take advantage of our sensational ongoing offer: on all our glasses buy any 2 & get £5 off!