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+1.50 Blue Light Reading Glasses

Presenting our latest collection of specialist blue light reading glasses available in reading strength +1.50; these are suitable for customers who need visual correction for reading. We offer these super affordable digital specs in various, stylish, frame shapes and colours. All glasses are supplied with a protective case.

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More about our +1.50 blue light reading glasses...

Why should I buy blue light glasses? 1 in 3 people in the UK suffer from a deterioration in their eyesight due to increased time sitting at work computers or gaming screens. Over-use of digital devices like these and of course, mobile phones can be damaging for your long-term visual health. If you spend more than six hours a day staring at a screen then it is a good idea to buy blue light reading spectacles. Blue light is emitted from digital screens and is not good for your eyes. This type of light has a short wavelength, which makes it very easy for it to penetrate the eyes. This means that almost all visible blue light rays can pass through the cornea and lens to the retina (the lining of the back of the eye). Some experts have suggested that too much exposure to blue light has the potential to damage the light-sensitive cells in the retina. Wearing blue light blocking glasses may help filter out damaging blue light from computer screens and mobile devices. They may prevent headaches, dry-eye and eye-strain. There is also new evidence to suggest that wearing these glasses three to four hours before bedtime can lead to better and more restful sleep. Our non-prescription blue light blockers are designed to protect your eyes from these harmful blue light emissions. We supply them in different reading strengths from +0.00 (clear lens) to +5.00. Regular eye tests, preferably annually and consultation with an optician are essential to assess your visual requirements accurately. Tiger Specs have some fantastic offers available with a huge choice of frames in fashionable styles, all of which are suitable for use with digital devices. Browse our range of in-house and designer brands, all at competitive prices.

Quality Guaranteed

We carry over 200 reading glasses and reading sunglasses in stock and frequently update our ranges with new styles. There are frames for men, women and unisex. All our blue light reading glasses are CE certified and come with a six-month guarantee. Each pair of spectacles is quality controlled before leaving us and we also offer a 28 day returns policy. If you place your order before 3PM on any working day then we will despatch your glasses the same day via 1st Class Royal Mail (UK only). Follow us on Facebook or register your email address via the page footer to receive the latest news and special offers. We have some fabulous discounts. Our 5* reviews on Trustpilot prove that people love our glasses. We know you will be delighted with yours too, if you are, please leave us a review!

Why choose Tiger Specs for your next pair of blue light blocking glasses?

Suitable for use with all types of digital devices, at Tiger Specs we work hard to offer the very best selection of high quality blue light glasses and often update our range with new designs. We stock a wide selection of options for both men and women including retro, classic and rimless styles in a distinctive variety of colours and patterns and with reading strengths available all the way from from clear lens (+0.00) up to and including +5.00. All pairs are CE certified, come supplied with a matching soft pouch and are backed by our 28 day returns policy. Orders placed before 3PM on working days are dispatched the same day and why not take advantage of our sensational ongoing offer: on all our glasses buy any 2 & get £5 off!