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+3.50 Blue Light Reading Glasses

Find here our exciting range of +3.50 blue light reading glasses. Stylish computer specs at an incredible price. With colours and frames to suit all tastes, you will be delighted by our in-house and unique designer collections. Every pair is guaranteed for six months and supplied with a matching pouch.

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More about our +3.50 blue light reading glasses...

Why should I buy computer glasses? Do they actually work? The answer is yes, computer glasses may help to relieve digital eye-strain as they can block or filter blue light from your screen. Nowadays, we spend more time using a wide variety of digital devices to work, learn and be entertained. Recent digital screens are often equipped with a powerful light source such as LED. These digital screens emit intense blue light and can cause eye-strain after long exposure. Wearing computer glasses and being mindful of your screen time can reduce symptoms associated with digital eye-strain, also known as computer vision syndrome. These blue blockers, as they are known, can help neutralise the blue light emitted by LCD and LED screens preventing eye-fatigue and eye-strain. It keeps the eyes in better condition, offering more comfortable and relaxed vision and a better contrast perception when using everyday digital devices. Harmful blue light is filtered by the blue control lens coating which also improves clarity and vision and enhances the scratch, water and dirt resistance of your lens. One of the best ways to protect against the harmful effects and downsides of blue light is by investing in a pair of Tiger Specs blue light glasses which are suitable with all types of digital devices wherever you work or play.

Stylish protection

We have a wide range of stunning blue light blockers suitable for all digital screens and users. Maybe you want a comfortable pair of easy readers or a colourful designer brand; whatever your needs we have plenty of choice. These special specs are available with reading strengths from plano (+0.00) to +5.00. Each pair of +3.50 blue light readers comes with a six month guarantee. The Tiger Specs blue light collection is synonymous with quality and great value for money. Made with lightweight, high spec materials, our readers not only look great but are very durable. With a wide range of modern and classic styles in stock there really is a pair to suit everyone. All blue light reading glasses come complete with a soft, matching pouch and are CE certified. At Tiger Specs we value our customers so nothing is too much trouble. We guarantee each pair of spectacles for six months and also provide a 28 day returns policy. Every pair of specs is quality control checked before despatch. If you place your order with us before 3PM on any working day (Monday - Friday) we will despatch the same day via First Class Royal Mail (UK only). If you would like to keep in touch with us to receive news about the latest special offers then complete our form at the bottom of the homepage.

Why choose Tiger Specs for your next pair of blue light blocking glasses?

Suitable for use with all types of digital devices, at Tiger Specs we work hard to offer the very best selection of high quality blue light glasses and often update our range with new designs. We stock a wide selection of options for both men and women including retro, classic and rimless styles in a distinctive variety of colours and patterns and with reading strengths available all the way from from clear lens (+0.00) up to and including +5.00. All pairs are CE certified, come supplied with a matching soft pouch and are backed by our 28 day returns policy. Orders placed before 3PM on working days are dispatched the same day and why not take advantage of our sensational ongoing offer: on all our glasses buy any 2 & get £5 off!