A Vision Of The Sunny Past – The History Of Sunglasses

The precursors to sunglasses were thought to have been worn in the 1300s by Chinese judges who wanted to hide their expressions from the court they presided over. They did not offer any sun protection which means they could not be worn outside, and although later designs were made in Italy to offer some protection to the eyes, these were again designed for use in court and not outside.

It was not until the 1900s that sunglasses become a popular accessory – with the American military promoting these items by making them part of their uniform for servicemen and women. Sam Foster, founder of the Foster Grant Company began selling sunglasses on the beaches in Atlantic City in 1929 and with other big name brands such as Ray Ban coming into play in subsequent years the sunglasses industry really took off.

Nowadays sunglasses offer both UVA and UVB protection to reduce the glare from the sun and keep eyes healthy. Modern sunglasses are produced to be as light and durable as possible and can be bought in a wide variety of different designs, styles and colours. They are also designed as a fashion item that can be worn to accessorise with various outfits.

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