Sun Readers Or Sunglasses: Which Should You Choose?

Glasses come in many shapes or forms, depending on fashion and of course the prescription lenses that the individual requires. There are also various reasons why people wear glasses – perhaps because they are longsighted, because they are short sighted or perhaps because their eyes have been damaged by illness or injury.

When the sun comes out there is a whole new glasses dilemma to face – do you wear your normal glasses and just squint? Wear sunglasses and not be able to read properly or invest in a pair of sunreaders to hopefully enable to you to read in the sun?

Of course this choice will be a personal one but most people who wear glasses will understand the problem of sunglasses and whether or not to they choose to wear them. Some people will go down the route of having their normal lenses tinted so that in strong sunlight they become naturally darker, thus providing protection from the sun and also making it easier to do things. Others will opt to have two pairs of glasses – one normal and one prescription sunglasses – however this does mean that they need to carry two pairs around with them.

A third option is to go for sunreaders. These reading sunglasses provide up to UV400 sun protection and enable the wearer to still have the same ability to read as if they were wearing their everyday reading glasses. Like off the shelf reading glasses they are available in a wide range of different styles and colours and are suitable for both men and women.

Wearing sunreaders will give people the convenience of only having to carry around one pair of glasses plus it means they can still enjoy their favourite book, magazine or newspaper when sitting outside in the bright sunlight.

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