Why You Need the Incredible Convenience of Photochromic Reading Glasses

In our latest blog post we are going to look at what Photochromic reading glasses are, how they work and how they can make your life more convenient.

What are Photochromic Reading Glasses and How do they Work?

Photochromic or light adaptive lenses, were invented by William H. Armistead and Stanley Donald Stookey in the 1960s. These special lenses have the ability to change colour in certain situations. When the apparently clear lenses are exposed to sunlight, they become tinted, turning into sunglasses in a matter of seconds.

Since they were invented there have been several versions available to the public, the most famous being photochromic lenses by Transitions in the mid 1990s. But nowadays you have a wide range of choices when it comes to this special type of reading glasses.

What’s magic about these lenses is the photochromic molecules, which are typically embedded within the lens material itself.

The molecules are sensitive to UV light so when they are exposed to the sun, they undergo a chemical process that changes their structure. This causes the lens to get darker and absorb UV rays.

This helps to protect your eyes from glare and harmful UV rays, making your readers much more comfortable in bright situations.

When the lenses are no longer exposed to UV, the lenses go back to their original clear state, meaning you won’t have to search for your standard reading specs. You can just get on with whatever you are doing.

Convenience and Comfort

The obvious advantage of Photochromic reading glasses is not having to carry two pairs of glasses. You will be able to seamlessly move from doing the garden to answering an email.

But these special lenses do have other advantages that might not be so obvious.

The sun’s rays are known to cause structural damage to all of the different parts of the eye. Over time this can lead to corneal damage, cataracts and macular degeneration. Because the lenses in your readers will be automatically tinted they are able to protect your eyes from this damage.

They are also perfect for reducing eye strain which can be a particular nuisance when you want to relax and read your book in the sun.

In addition to the convenience there is also a financial benefit to be gained from using Photochromic lenses. Though these glasses do come at a slightly higher cost than our standard reading glasses they will save you money. You wont need to buy any additional sun readers.

So as I’m sure you will agree there are clear benefits to using this amazing technology that will make your reading glasses not only more convenient but also better for your eyes in any situation.

Not sure what strength Photochromic reading glasses you need? Why not try our quick and easy reading glasses strength calculator.

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