Night Driving Glasses and Why You Need Them Now.

Side view portrait of a handsome stylish man driving car at night.

None of us particularly enjoy that long night time drive. It’s easy to get tired, hard to focus on road signs and the lack of light puts extra strain on our eyes. Not to mention the glare from oncoming traffic. For safe driving at all times you need clear and sharp vision. At Tiger Specs we have an easy and cost effective solution, our range of both practical and stylish Night Driving Glasses.

Using specially designed yellow tinted and polarised lenses, these specs will help you keep focused. They also reduce glare and make signs and signals easy to read, even in the darkest of conditions.

Understanding Night Driving Glasses

So your question is probably how do these glasses actually work? Let us explain.

The lenses used have two functions. Firstly the yellow tint reduces the amount of blue light reaching the eye which helps oncoming headlights look less bright. But that’s not all. The lenses in our Night Driving Glasses are also polarised.

Polarised lenses create a filter that blocks all horizontal beams of light, which will stop glare from a range of light sources. In this case headlights and car bonnets.

All our night driving glasses also come with full UV4000 protection so there is no need to carry two pairs of glasses, as they are also stylish sunglasses.

Fast night driving, view from inside of a car

Who would benefit from This Type of Glasses?

There are lots of people who find using this kind of specs useful, but there are a few groups of drivers who will find them particularly helpful.

Older Drivers: As we get older our eyes lose some of their natural ability to see in low light conditions as well as increased sensitivity to glare. Night driving glasses increase contrast on the road making for a less demanding night time drive.

Professional Drivers: Lorry Drivers, Bus Drivers and Taxi Drivers all spend more time than normal driving in darkness. Our range of night driving glasses will help to reduce eyestrain and improve visibility. Not only making their job safer but also improving productivity.

Light Sensitive People: Many people suffer from what is known as Photophobia, which can cause pain and hinder the ability to drive at night. Our range of glasses for night driving ease the discomfort caused by oncoming traffic.

Choosing the Perfect Night Driving Glasses

Female model wearing a pair of aviator style Night Driving Glasses.

At Tiger Specs we have a range of night driving glasses to suit everyone’s budget and taste.

Our Grid (Tortoiseshell) glasses by Montana eyewear are the classic wayfarer. Bringing timeless retro style to your night time driving experience.

A male model wearing a pair of wayfarer style Night Driving Glasses.

If you are looking for something a little more modern then we would recommend the Brandon.  Designed to be used in conjunction with your standard glasses these sporty and functional glasses are a great choice.

And if you are looking for a clip on pair of night driving specs then the Nova is the pair for you. Just clip them onto your existing glasses and away you go.

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