How to get The Hottest Look for Summer 2024 – The Bridgerton Edit

At Tiger Specs we like to stay abreast of current trends. We believe that fashion should always be informed by popular culture and this year its seems there isn’t anything quite as popular as the hit Netflix show, Bridgerton. So welcome to our Bridgerton Edit.

People have gone truly mad for this spicy romance period drama, it really is THE series of Summer 2024.

For those of you who haven’t watched it (Where have you been?) the show is set in an alternate London Regency era. The story tells of how King George III has established racial equality due to him marrying a person of colour.

It follows the aristocratic Bridgerton family as 8 siblings traverse the highs and lows of the regency social scene. There’s sex, partying and the lavish lifestyles of the Regency elite. What’s not to like?

Source: BBC News

The sets and costumes are simply stunning, enhancing the glamour and sophistication of the show. We thought it would be a little bit of fun to look at what reading glasses we have in our range, that might help you find the Bridgerton look that’s just so hot right now.

So without further ado let’s get into our selection of reading specs that will pair perfectly with your Bridgerton inspired outfits for the summer 2024 season.

The Tiger Specs – Bridgerton Edit

Bold Colours

Source: BBC News

Regency Fashion always favoured a liberal use of colour for both men and women and this is a strong theme that runs through the costumes on the show. Tiger Specs are big fans of not wearing boring glasses so why not go bright and bold with your choice of eyewear this summer.

Angel Blue



Eccentric Shapes

Source: Netflix

The Regency elite were well known for their quirks and eccentricities, sometimes verging on the extremes of social norms. But it was also a time of new and radical ideas, social change and an explosion of the arts and sciences. All themes explored in the show. These stylish readers will give you that quintessential aristocratic eccentric look that sums up the Bridgerton style.

Legend Tortoiseshell

Chelsea Tortoiseshell

Patchwork Black

Clean Lines

Source: Netflix

The men of Bridgerton epitomise Regency attitudes towards style and grace (most of the time) and their costumes are always about clean lines and neat aesthetics. Be as well turned out as Anthony Bridgerton with these effortlessly stylish reading glasses.

Mayfair Gunmetal

Eclipse Black

Wizard Silver

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