How to choose the perfect reading glasses

Have you heard of the term “spoilt for choice”? Try going to our main reading glasses page and scrolling down to the bottom. Did it take you a while?

That’s because we have literally hundreds of pairs of reading specs for you to choose from. Presenting an almost overwhelming choice for you is exactly what we aim for. But if you are then stuck and thinking “well what glasses suit me best?”; – we think you deserve a few pointers.

In this blog post from Tiger Specs we are going to take you through the options for pinpointing the perfect pair of glasses. After all, it’s not even just about the reading specs. Our range also includes reading sunglasses and an exciting choice of blue light glasses as well as classic and designer sunglasses too.

We’ll be covering:

  • Choosing a pair of glasses to suit the shape of your face
  • How to make sure your reading glasses are the right strength for your vision
  • Colour tips for creating the right impression
  • The levels of customer service you can expect from Tiger Specs

The days when reading glasses were functional and yet dull are well and truly over. So let’s get started on answering the question of which glasses suit me best.

Choosing the perfect reading glasses for your face shape

When asking what glasses would suit me best, the first place to start is to work out what shape face you have. For some people with very distinctive faces, this is simply a matter of settling down in front of a mirror, pulling the hair back and taking a long look.

In eyewear retailing we tend to break it down into 7 main face shapes:

7 face shapes diagram

But of course, if you’re one of the many people without a clearly distinguished face shape, no amount of sitting in front of the mirror is going to help you decide. For you, breaking out the flexible tape measure can be helpful.

Measuring the length and width of your face

Take your first measurement from the centre of your hairline to the tip of your chin and let’s call this length. Next measure from the left to the right side of your face and lets call this width. Write these measurements down and let’s try to use them to help categorise your face shape.

Measurement Face Shapes
Width and length measurements are roughly equalSquare or diamond
Width measurement is slightly greater than the length Round or heart
Length measurement is slightly greater than the widthOval
Length measurement is significantly greater than the widthOblong
If your chin and jaw area is wide compared to the width of your foreheadTriangular

If you are still having difficulty why not try tracing the outline of your face on the mirror with something washable and then stand back?

When coming to a decision about the shape of your face remember to be fearless but not critical. There is beauty to be found in all face shapes and this is an exercise in choosing the perfect reading specs to bring out your best features and enhance them even more.

Coming up with a definitive face shape is not easy but once you have an idea of yours, why not take a look a look at our choices and recommendations for some styles and designs that work well with each shape?

Quick jump to your face shape:

1. Which glasses would suit me if my face shape is oval?

Oval faces are very versatile when it comes to reading glasses style choice. Just about any style will look fantastic. Try adding some structure to the curves of your face by choosing frames that feature angular shapes like rectangles, squares or hexagons.

Action (Grey) Reading GlassesPatchwork (Multi) Reading GlassesDowntown (Brown) Reading Glasses
The Action Range from top design house I Need You are rectangular reading specs suitable for the men or the ladies. They come in 3 distinct and highly fashionable colour choices. Patchwork by Read Loop is a range of get-you-noticed, bold and slightly zany reading glasses. They come in some stunning and imaginative colours. Downton by Winks are simply stunning. Retro style, large framed, chunky and angular – this is a style that is a match made in heaven for an oval face.

Celebrities with an oval face include: Rihanna, Cameron Diaz, and of course Beyoncé

2. What style of glasses suit me if my face shape is square?

Square face shapes can be enhanced by softening them with large circular or curved style reading glasses. For the men one of the classic retro styles works well and for the ladies the ever popular cat eye is a good choice. Steer away from thin frames and angular or square styles for best effect. 

Scholar (Black) Reading GlassesParis (Tortoiseshell) Reading GlassesFantasy (Multi-coloured) Reading Glasses
These Scholar black reading glasses in a classic retro shape with large oval lenses are fantastic choice for men with square face shapesFor the ladies these oversize Paris tortoiseshell readers are fashioned in the classic cat eye style. They are a fantastic complement to a square face shapeNew in and the very latest in fashionable reading eyewear from Winks these Fantasy multicoloured reading specs are a top choice for square shape faces

Celebrities with a square face include:  Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightly and David Beckham

3. Which reading spectacles suit me if my face shape is diamond?

Diamond-shaped faces are one of the more unusual and desirable face shapes and often feature broad and pronounced cheekbones.  Semi-rimless and smaller oval shaped reading glass frames like the classic cat eye style look great on diamond faces.

Jelli (Multi Tortoise) Reading GlassesHarvard (Tortoiseshell) Reading GlassesCarly (Brown) Reading Glasses
Our exclusive unisex Jelli range. Strong but lightweight polycarbonate specs in an exciting selection of colours. Good value, durable and look fantastic on diamond facesTry these fashionable Clubmaster style Harvard reading glasses. Suitable for the men and the ladies they come in tortoiseshell or black to enhance any diamond faceThese Carly reading glasses feature oval lenses in the desirable cat eye styling in a glossy brown frame. Spring comfort hinges and a matching protective pouch 

Celebrities with diamond faces include: Jennifer Lopez, Megan Fox, Elizabeth Hurley

4. What type of glasses suit me if my face is round?

The trick with rounded face shapes is to choose a reading glasses style that makes them look thinner and longer.  You could try angular narrow frames or perhaps wide rectangular frames to bring out your best features.

Soda (Black) Reading GlassesPrism (Multi-coloured)Downtown (Brown) Reading Glasses
Our unisex Tube Reader range are narrow framed, lightweight and portable. They come in a selection of colours and a matching tube case.Try these ladies Prism Multi- coloured reading specs. Hinges are spring loaded for extra comfort and they come with a matching pouchDownton by Winks are simply stunning. Retro style, large framed, chunky and angular – this style is a match made in heaven for an oval face.

Celebrities with round face shapes include: Leonardo Dicaprio, Drew Barrymore and Kate The Duchess of Cambridge

5. Which reading spectacles suit me if I have a heart shape face?

People with heart-shaped faces are lucky enough to suit a wide range of shapes and styles. For the men the classic circular style is one to consider, while the ladies look great in oval shape frames that are wider at the top and taper down towards the bottom.

Espresso (Blue) Reading GlassesAngel (Blue) Reading GlassesWoodstock (Blue) Reading Glasses
Winks have come up trumps again with the tapered oval Espresso range in a variety of colours. These unisex readers look great on people with heart shaped facesTry these ladies Angel reading glasses. Coming in a vibrant range of colours they are the ideal complement to a heart shaped faceThese Woodstock classic unisex circular reading glasses are a glossy, modern take on the retro style. They are large-framed and chunky. Ideal for the heart shaped face

Celebrities with heart face shapes include: Scarlett Johansson and Reece Witherspoon

6. Which style of glasses suit me if the shape of my face is rectangular (oblong)?

Because an oblong face is longer than it is wide you should suit glasses that emphasise the brow line. Look for rimless and semi-rimless styles or strong square shapes. Steer clear of the more rounded frame styles.

Solent (Black) Reading GlassesMagic (Red) Reading GlassesPelican (Multi-coloured) Reading Glasses
These sophisticated Solent rimless reading specs emphasise the brow line perfectly. Lightweight and comfortable they are suitable for the men and the ladiesTry contrasting the temples and the frame colours like these Magic Classic shape reading glasses do so well. These unisex readers have spring hinges and a matching pouch.And for the ladies these oversized Pelican reading glasses from Winks are a great idea. They are sturdy, large framed and chunky. Ideal for the oblong shaped face

Celebrities with oblong face shapes include: Supermodel Gisele Bundchen and Victoria Beckham

7. Which reading spectacles suit me if my face shape is triangular?

For a triangular face you should choose reading glasses that emphasise your brow area and your eyes. Semi-rimless styles. Cat-eye glasses and other ovals with a similar upward sweep can all help to add the impression of width when the top of your face is narrower than the bottom.

Aspen (Blue) Reading GlassesDiva (Multi-coloured) Reading GlassesCosmic (Red) Reading Glasses
These Aspen Ladies oversize oval reading glasses have a semi-translucent darker multi-coloured brow area with lighter blue lower rimsA modern take on the distinctive Cat Eye shape these Diva reading glasses from designer brand Read Loop are a great choice for triangular faces These Cosmic retro style unisex reading glasses with oval lenses an a choice of 3 frame colours all fading to clear along the lower lens rim suit a traingular shaped face

Celebrities with triangular face shapes include: Geena Davis, Billie Piper, Bette Midler

Choosing the perfect reading glasses for your skin tone

So let’s move on to colouring. Colours that complement your skin tone are another important aspect of choosing the perfect reading glasses. Skin complexions fall into three main categories:

  1. Cool
  2. Warm
  3. Neutral

This is another one of those moments when sitting in front of the mirror and taking an objective look at your face is needed. Subconsciously, you probably already make choices based on your skin tone.

For example – what jewellery do you tend to go for? People with warm skin tones often think that traditional yellow gold suits them best, while people with cool skin tones are more likely to go for silver or platinum. Luck people with neutral skin tones don’t care. Everything works well on them!

The Vein Test

A common skin tone check is to look at the veins on the inside of your wrist in strong natural light.  If your veins look green in colour, then you most likely have warm undertones. People with blue or purple looking veins usually have cooler undertones. If you have difficulty deciding then you probably have a neutral skin tone.

Colour choice recommendations for reading glasses

Warm Skin TonesCool Skin Tones
Light tortoise shell
Warm red
Gold, or honey
Silver or grey
Blue shades
Pinks or mauves
Dark tortoise shell
Neutral skin tones have free choice

Choosing the perfect reading glasses for your eyesight

Over time, eyes start to weaken and it takes that little bit more effort to read or make out finer details. This may present as headaches or the feeling of strained eyes. It’s called presbyopia, and it affects the majority of people once they get to around age 40 and sometimes sooner.

Getting the right reading boost for your reading strength is important. Not powerful enough and your eyes come under strain, too powerful and you encourage your eyes to become lazy.

Here at Tiger Specs, we sell non-prescription reading glasses at great prices. You can find the perfect reading strength at much lower prices than you would get in a high-street store.

Non-prescription reading glasses are normally labelled between +0.50 and up to +5.00 being the most powerful. Many of our reading glass options come in quarter powers meaning that you can find an exact match for the reading boost you need.

Our reading strength calculators

1. If you have a copy of your prescription: If you have been given a prescription we have provided a tool for you to enter the details and find out the exact strength you need. We don’t recommend that you do it this way if your prescription is more than 2 years old.

View our prescription calculator

2. If you have no prescription: Our eye chart is available for you to download and print. Coming with instructions for use, you will be able to get a reasonably accurate idea of the reading strength you need.

Tiger Specs – next level customer service

This blog post has been focusing on how to make the right choices when buying eyewear from an online retailer. We appreciate that sometimes and with the best intentions in the world, you might order a pair of reading glasses that simply do not suit you. 

To put you at ease, we offer our own 28 day money back guarantee. Return your purchase to us in original undamaged condition and we will refund your money. No questions asked!

Shop online with confidence. Tiger Specs has been retailing eyewear online for more than a decade. We are a family run business and our whole business ethos has been based on providing exceptional value for money and top-notch customer service. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Check what our customers have been saying about us

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