Are ready-made reading glasses safe for my eyes?

woman reading with her glasses on

Reading glasses will never damage your eyes, they can only enhance them. Therefore, if you are struggling to read the daily newspaper or your phone, you might need to invest in a pair of reading glasses. Most people encounter some changes in their vision as they get older. When you notice that you are holding things further away, focus your eyes on a nearby object. The benefit of having reading glasses is like a magnifying glass they are zooming in and making the fine print large and therefore easier to see. 

By the age of 50, most adults have problems reading at a short distance. This is where ready-made reading glasses come in. They are designed to be cheap, easily accessible and something that you can simply buy yourself without a prescription or optician examining your eyes. 

Safe tips for ready-made reading glasses:

Ready-made readers are designed for one purpose only, to magnify the image in front of you. They are not meant for correction of farsightedness. We can offer a few tips for safe use of ready-made reading glasses:

• Choose only the power that lets you read something at a comfortable distance, You don’t always need to go stronger than you need as it might cause discomfort. 

• Always check the glasses and make sure that there are no bubbles or waves on the lenses that could bother you and cause extra stress on your eyes. 

• When using reading glasses for your computer make sure you have them at a lower prescription than if you were using them for reading things off a closer distance

• If you are struggling with your readers, you should take them to an optician and get an eye test. They can check the strength and see if you need lenses tailored to your eyes. They can also pick up any other issues you are having with your eyes. 

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