Which Shaped Frames Suit You?

Choosing a new pair of reading glasses can be tricky – after all, not only do you want to be able to see text more clearly, but many people also want to look good too! In the past, glasses were associated with aging and many people put off wearing them for as long as possible, however nowadays glasses can make a real fashion statement.

There are so many different types of frames to choose from, it’s worth finding out what your face shape is in order to help you to make a decision regarding which pair of reading glasses would be most flattering for you. In order to find out your face shape, print a photograph of your face, take a piece of tracing paper and carefully draw the outline of your face. This should give you a good indication of your face shape.

If you have a classic, oval face, then you are one of the lucky ones! Most frames will suit your face; just try to avoid any frames which are too large for your features. Round faces suit frames which are angular and geometric, and many people find that wearing rectangular shaped frames can help to make their face to appear slimmer. If you have a square face then try to stick with round or oval shaped frames and avoid anything with sharp, angular lines.

Heart shapes faces can look great with rimless reading glasses, as this can help to disguise the fact that the top half of the face is wider than the chin. Rimless reading glasses frames are flattering for many different face shapes and are also very modern looking. People with diamond shaped faces tend to be fairly narrow at the jaw line and have a small forehead and chin. They often have high cheekbones which can be emphasised by wearing glasses frames which are upswept at the outer corners.

Here at Tiger Specs we offer a wide range of different frames for reading glasses so you can make sure you choose the most flattering style for your face shape. Have fun browsing!

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