Do I Need Reading Glasses?

We all know that eyesight can deteriorate as we get older but everyone is unique and we will all have a different requirement for glasses. Some people may find they need glasses early on in life to help with driving or working at the computer whereas others will find it more difficult to read small print as they get older but how do you know whether you need reading glasses?

If you have found yourself struggling lately to read a newspaper, magazine or eBook then it is possible that you will require reading glasses to help you decipher the text more easily. Another tell-tale sign that you need reading glasses is when you find yourself holding items at a distance in order to be able to read the text. As we get older the lenses in our eyes lose their ability to change shape which means we can sometimes find it hard to focus on objects that are close by or to read the small print, this is called presbyopia.

When you haven’t needed to purchase glasses before it might seem quite overwhelming but there are resources out there to help you. If you think you need reading glasses the next step will be to decide which strength of glasses you require – our eye chart can help you to do this. You simply print out the PDF and follow the instructions to help you determine which strength reading glasses you need to order.

Then comes the easy bit…choosing the style and colour of glasses you like. At Tiger Specs we offer a wide range of off the shelf reading glasses to suit all different tastes so why don’t you browse the styles we have on offer and then feel free to get in touch with us if you need any help at all in selecting the right pair.

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