How To Choose Non Prescription Reading Glasses Online

When faced with needing new reading glasses and not wanting to go down the route of the prescription reading glasses supplied by the opticians, many people will instead look to  buy non prescription reading glasses online in an attempt to save themselves some money and hassle and perhaps have some cash left over to buy a spare pair in case one gets lost or to enable them to leave one at work.

Once people have decided that they are going down the non-prescription route and want to buy cheap glasses online they will need to choose a suitable pair of reading glasses. The best way to choose suitable glasses is to use an eye chart. These are usually found on the website of the glasses retailer and will help consumers to decide which strength of glasses would be most suitable for them.

Eye charts are usually supplied as a PDF which you can download from the website and print out at your convenience. Once you have printed out the chart you will need to stand approximately fourteen inches away from the piece of paper without your glasses on and read each line of text on the chart. Depending on which line you find it difficult to read you can then measure which strength of non prescription reading glasses online you will need to purchase.

Then you are free to browse the many different colours, designs and styles that are available on the website of your chosen off the shelf reading glasses retailer. There are plenty of frames to choose from in masculine and feminine styles, to suit the tastes of pretty much everyone including those who like subtle glasses to those who like to stand out from the crowd.

And so the best way to buy cheap glasses online is to make sure you find a suitable retailer and then check your eyesight by downloading their free eye chart so that you can order reading glasses with suitable strength lenses.

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