Do computer glasses really work?

woman wearing blue light glasses

Blue light glasses can be useful in saving your eyes from the digital eye strain that happens when they’re overexposed to blue light. 

Blue light lenses feature special light filtering technology that prevents a certain percentage of blue light from reaching the eyes. Digital screens including phones, TVs, and computers other than the sun are the worst for emitting blue light. If you work on a screen all day you could be experiencing these side effects of blue light overexposure.  This can be headaches, squinting, dry eyes, blurry vision, and tired eyes. 

The sun is the largest emitter of blue light and why so many opticians are keen for you to wear sunglasses for UV protection. It is up to you whether you choose to wear blue light glasses, if you feel like you are experiencing some of the effects of blue light then you should be investing in a pair of blue light glasses.

The big question is, is blue light harmful? Bluelight is one of the primary elements that regulate sleep cycles. Blue tinted daylight tells the brain to stay awake, so too much blue light can seriously interrupt your sleep cycle and cause eye strain if it’s late in the day or before bed. So apart from disturbing your sleep pattern blue light doesn’t damage your eyes however it can cause strain. 

‘Researchers at Harvard found that 6.5 hours of blue light exposure had twice the negative impact on sleep cycles when compared to the same amount of exposure to green light.’ No one knows whether long-term blue light exposure can permanently damage eyes, but many eye doctors recommend caution and to regulate a good sleeping pattern. 

Buying blue light glasses 

Lenses that block out 100% of blue light have a very dark orange or amber tint and change the way everything looks through them. However, lenses with 10% or 20% protection can appear almost clear, changing nothing you see through them. This makes them good for all-day use. Our tiger specs high-quality blue light glasses have a 30% blue light to them.

If you are constantly looking at a screen and digital devices you may find it beneficial to use blue light glasses when looking at your computer screen to protect your eyes if they feel like they are getting eye fatigue. 

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