The Importance of Half Strengths and Lens Quality

Costing as little as £1 it is easy to see the appeal of over the counter reading glasses, especially as we get older our sight invariably deteriorates, but everyone is unique and we all have different requirements for glasses. Some find they may need glasses early on in life to help with driving or working at the computer, whereas others will find it more difficult to read the small print, but how do you know if you need reading glasses?

As we get older we can develop an age related condition called Phresbyopia which is caused by the lens in the eye loosing its elasticity, making it harder for the eye to switch from focusing on things at a distance to small close up images such as print on a page. It will eventually effect everyone as they get older, however reading glasses can help to bring close images into focus, they are as the name suggests for close up reading, not driving or walking around.

Once you have decided you need reading glasses you may question what strength you require, potentially visiting a high street retailer to try some on and test them out? This may however not be the best idea; a study carried out by The NY Times concluded that most reading glasses bought on the high street had small defects or were not wholly fit for purpose due to the lack of quality control in place for them being out on display for a long time, and the lack of quarter or half measure strengths meaning glasses would be too strong or too weak for the individuals needs.

Here at Tiger specs  we are proud to say we provide a number of our Best Selling styles in strengths +1.00  to +5.00  and all half measures in between. Use our eye chart to determine which strength of glasses you require, to help get the most accurate strength for you, eliminating the headaches and eye strain which can be caused by wearing the wrong strength of glasses. We also have stringent quality control measures in place to ensure the glasses you receive will be in the most perfect condition possible, again eliminating headaches and eye strain due to scratches on the lenses or ill fitting frames. To take a look at our reading glasses please Click Here.

The NY Times study also concluded that one may require different strengths of glasses for different activities, such as reading printed material and others for seeing a computer screen. If you think this might be the case, you can shop our Screen Readers in strength +1.00 to + 4.00. If you buy any two pairs of our glasses you get £5 off the total.

Please get in touch with us if you would like any more information about the strengths and types of glasses we stock or if you need any help in selecting the right pair of glasses for you.

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