Reading Glasses Uses and Benefits in Modern Life

Woody Clear Reading Glasses

Off the shelf reading glasses are extremely popular particularly as they are easily available, fashionable, and tend to cost a lot less than their prescription counterparts.  Is this the only reason online retailers, supermarkets, pharmacies and local shops are now stocking and selling these?

Tiger Specs has reached it’s 10 year anniversary and we have always been an online retailer of high quality readymade reading glasses, reading sunglasses  sunglasses, bifocal readers and blue light blocking glasses. We have noticed recently greater demand for glasses like ours; we wanted to look at this and the reasons behind it.

Off the shelf reading glasses are very popular and convenient with people over 45 years requiring glasses to read occasionally. They have them in their handbag, pocket, in the car, on top of their head, garden shed, garage, just about everywhere, why?

They are readily available and low cost from any of the retailers mentioned above. If you loose them as we all do they can be replaced relatively cheaply and easily. Off the shelf reading glasses are also considered something of a fashion accessory, they are mass produced and new styles/colours can be easily made and fashion trends followed very quickly. Prescription glasses  tend to be kept for longer as they generally cost a lot more than reading glasses. 

Manufacturers can copy catwalk styles worn by celebrities, style icons/influencers and make them available at prices for everyone to afford, not just one but several pairs!!

The current pandemic has seen a rise in online purchasing as the glasses are delivered to your door. Retailers remain open as long as they adhere to government guidelines. So far supply has so far met demand of these ‘necessities’ thus allowing people to access glasses they need to assist with reading  and in particular blue light blocking glasses, or computer glasses as they are also known. The rise in people staying at home, and reading more, or working from home and using the computer has seen a rise in the demand for these types of glasses, as people realise their eyesight may have deteriorated or reading help is needed with new, different working environments and equipment.

Here at Tiger Specs we pride ourselves on the quality and style of our glasses, whether they be reading, blue light or reading sunglasses. We keep up with the latest trends providing styles for every taste and need. We are very pleased ‘off the shelf’ reading glasses are very popular and delighted people are choosing the high quality glasses we are able to provide. With people owning more and more pairs of glasses, sometimes for many different occasions, many styles are being mass produced, we would urge people to recycle or donate their old glasses.

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