Best Practices For Looking After Your Reading Glasses

Keep them in a Case

The most common mistake that new reading glasses owners can make is not to make use of a glasses pouch or case for protection. Having the correct storage solution for your reading glasses when they are not in use is important and can help to reduce the possibility of scratched lenses, bent frames and arms. When taking off your reading glasses, take great care where you put them down. Avoid the lenses resting on a surface or leaving them somewhere where they could be sat or stepped on, be damaged by animals or cause a danger to young children. Having a storage pouch for your reading glasses is essential when they are not in use and will ensure your frames and lenses should stand the test of time.

Clean your Reading Glasses with Care

Cleaning your glasses must be done with care and with the right material. If your lenses are badly smudged, clean the lenses by running water over the glasses to remove any particles that may be resting on the surface, this will help to avoid scratching the lenses. Next use a microfibre cleaning cloth that is specially made for lenses and this will prevent any damage while polishing and give you clear vision.

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