Looking for reading glasses in strength +5.00?

Reading glasses are available in a variety of strengths, more formally known as dioptres. For those who have small problems reading text either on paper or even on the computer screen their most likely ideal dioptre for reading glasses is going to be a low one. This may mean the wearer needs only a low strength or introductory strength such as +1.00. This is suitable for someone with only slight difficulty in reading.

Of course the strengths progress from the very low to the high such as +4.00. These higher strengths are ideal for someone who needs a bit more help reading text at arms length. However some reading glasses are available in even higher strengths and they can be found all the way up to +4.50 and even +5.00.

The very highest strengths are often a bit harder to come by but if you are looking for reading glasses in a particularly high strength such as +5.00 why not check out Tiger Specs’ online range of reading glasses in strength +5.00. Plus, buy any two pairs and get £5 off your order!

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