Reading Glasses – You Need More Than One Pair!

Where have I left my reading glasses? Are you always leaving your reading glasses down and forgetting where you put them. If you have reading glasses and you need them to read small print it can be a blow to find out they’re lost or broken, or even simply left behind. The best answer to this problem is to invest in a few spare pairs.

How Many Readers do I need?

Depending on where and how you use your reading glasses, it’s incredibly useful to have at least a few spare pairs – simply because reading glasses are very affordable. If you are working, for example, why not have a pair of reading glasses at home and another pair at the office, in your briefcase, laptop bag or handbag. Carry a pair in the car just in case when you go out and forget your glasses and you can nip to the car and get them to read that all important menu in the restaurant!

A Pair of Reading Glasses in Every Place

If you’re particularly prone to misplacing your reading glasses, you may want to invest in two or three pairs – one for home, one for work, and one for the car – so that you’re never without a pair. The other option, of course, is to use one of the clever ways of keeping your reading glasses close by when you’re not using them – a chain or keeper means that you can take your glasses on and off without worrying about putting them down and forgetting where you’ve left them.

Spare Reading Glasses from Tiger Specs

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